About Jessica Edelglass, MS, RD

Jessica Edelglass is a dietitian with over 15 years’ experience as an educator. She helps clients become healthier and look and feel better than before by crafting a custom, sustainable and healthy eating style. She works with each individual to incorporate nutritious foods, balanced with favorite foods so that any changes made are long-lasting. Jessica believes in the "everything in moderation" approach, which helps clients rediscover the joy of eating while finding optimal health. She truly believes that once we strike this balance, we choose to eat this way for life because of the way it makes us feel, rather than because we should. Jessica creates a warm and welcoming space and works collaboratively with patients to create a nutrition plan custom-tailored to them.  She specializes in general healthy eating, disordered eating, sports nutrition, and digestive health.

Jessica has a Bachelors from Tufts University, a Masters in Science with a concentration in Food and Nutrition from Framingham State University, as well as a Masters in Teaching from Brandeis University. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, which includes her husband, son, and dog, as well as cooking delicious and nutritious food in her kitchen.