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For most of my life, I have been struggling with being overweight... I have been through a variety of weight-loss programs...but none has been successful indefinitely; despite my best efforts to eat and exercise appropriately I have always gained back the lost weight within one to five years.
With Jessica’s help, I have made significant changes to my eating habits, diet and exercise activities over the past three years. With these continuing changes:

  • My weight has dropped from about 226 pounds to about 202 pounds
  • My A1C measurements have dropped from 6.9% to 5.2%
  • My fasting blood glucose measurements have dropped from an average range of 140 to 170 down to an average range between 100 and 130.
  • My cardio and muscular exercise capabilities have improved significantly.
  • Overall, I have much more energy and I feel much healthier.



I have been frustrated with my weight for years, trying many workouts and diets. Jessica guided me through a process of decreasing, increasing, and replacing certain foods and  eating habits that I wouldn’t have known to try without her. The changes she helped me make have been subtle and incredibly helpful. At  every visit she listens to my concerns and frustrations and helps me improve my diet, and, more importantly, my comfort and confidence in my body.



I ate strawberry cheesecake on my birthday…[and] I continue to lose weight. Clothes, which I had resigned to give away are now back in rotation and I found a new notch on my belt, which I had never used. Not only am I having occasional indulgences and dropping pounds at the same time, I’m also happy.



Jessica helped me reshape how I think about food. I’ve tried so many diets over the years and I’ve never been able to stick to anything long term because I felt I was denying myself things I wanted to eat. While working with Jessica, I never felt like I was on a diet. She is incredibly knowledgeable about food and nutrition and her warm and cheerful personality allows me to feel comfortable asking her anything.



 Prior to working with Jessica I lived off of protein bars and the occasional piece of fruit. My body and athletic performance where less than what they should have been. I suffered from a lot of body dysmorphic and anorexic tendencies. I felt that food was the devil and should be avoided as much as possible. Working with Jess we redefined what food needs to be for me, it has been life changing. I have reaped many benefits...and my athletic performance has reached a new level.  Jess is one of the most dedicated compassionate thoughtful driven people I have ever worked with. Anyone who has asked who I am working with to reach my weight and athletic goals without hesitation I recommend Jess. She will give you all the tools you need to make whatever your goal is achievable.



I knew I had let myself go a bit but had no idea that at 40 I was beginning to have elevated levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure. My doctor recommended that I see a nutritionist. I truly didn’t expect much and really never had any luck trying to follow any kind of diet or anything telling me what to do with my eating or drinking (2 things I enjoy tremendously!). Jess is such a naturally easy-going person to talk with, handled all my insurance red tape, and most importantly didn’t want to set me up with something that wouldn’t work. She tweaked what I was already doing, and didn’t want me to give up the things that I enjoyed. I’ve never looked back: I’ve lost 30lbs, all my levels are within the normal limits, and I feel better than I have in a long time. People ask me all the time how I did it and continue to do it, and I point to the #1 reason, without a doubt, is the work of Jess.

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